break vs burn out...{part 1}

We dance because we want to. We dance because we love it. Because it is our favored form of expression. It's where we choose to pour our money, time, sweat and tears. It's our community, it's our passion and without it we feel empty.

So why is it so hard to get out the door to get to class sometimes? Why is the idea of going to another hookah bar the last thing you want to do? Why does the invitation to the next hafla (bellydance dance party) stress you out? Why, again, do you have to choose between dinner for the next week or a dance workshop?

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Do you think it may be time for a little breather?
Dance "breaks" seem to be a recurring theme for me lately. Maybe it's because I have been on an involuntary, but much needed, break from dance due to my recent relocation. Or because several of my dance mates are on hiatus due to school, work, sickness or life in general.
In any case, we all hit that point where a rest from dance is the smart thing to do. There are two popular paths to this R&R that I would like to examine. 

break vs burn out

But first, why do you even need a break if dancing feeds your soul? And in some cases, pays the bills?
It's precisely because it feeds your soul and/or your stomach that you must take a break!

When your schedule is filled with lessons, practice, rehearsals, performances, costuming, networking, planning and for some of us teaching for weeks and months on end you deny yourself the beautiful gifts you have within. You deny yourself creativity. You are a dance artists. And artists need to create. You may even be denying yourself authenticity and individuality.
You need time to absorb the teachings. You need time to let things brew, to integrate, you need to brainstorm. You need the space to create, to innovate, to meld even more into your chosen passion. Also, let's face it, we also have family, kids, jobs and other things that need our attention, yes?

I was reading a Brian Eno interview -- can you say incredibly talented music producer?! (U2, Talking Heads, Roxy Music) on the online magazine 99%, (I highly recommend it!) he had this to say about his creative process: 
The difficulty of always feeling that you out to be doing something is that you tend to undervalue the times when you're apparently doing nothing, and those are very important times. It's the equivalent of the dream time, in your daily life, times when things get sorted out and reshuffled. If you're constantly awake work-wise you don't allow that to happen. One of the reasons I have to take distinct breaks when I work is to allow the momentum of a particular direction to run down, so that another one can establish itself.

I mean, come on, if Brian Eno takes breaks, shouldn't we?! 

What do you say in part 2 we talk about the pros and cons of: 1) taking a planned break and 2) working until burn out? See you here tomorrow: )

What are some non-dance related things you would do during a break to feel refreshed and replenished? I would love to hear your ideas!
PS ~ It took me a while but this is my 100th post, yay! Celebrate my little triumph with me tonight with a glass of wine or chocolate. I'll be thinking of you when I have mine!

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  1. Don't have to tell me to celebrate with a glass of wine with you twice!!! Break out your cabernet plate "Ol' chum"! Love your posts!!! I'm so proud that your blog received recognition...it so deserves it! It is so interesting and informative! And I don't just say that cuz I love you!
    Things to do to refresh...hmmm..well,all I can think about when it relates to you lately is the beach! I don't have it, but you do! Whenever I needed a refresher...I'd go spend the day at the beach..a full beach day! A good run or walk on the beach...a swim,sunbathe,eat seafood at the nearest beach joint...and spend the evening just sitting staring at the ocean,....it's so...medicinal! Don't know why but it was so relaxing and reflecting! Even if it was just one day,when I came back it felt like I had taken a week vacation! Nothing like getting back in touch with nature!


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