the biggest dance {& life} obstacle

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Like on all other journeys, our road to dance bliss is not free of obstacles. Surely on some intelligent level we expect them, because face it, nothing in life is 100% smooth sailing. Yet as we stumble on those blocks we always seemed surprised or at least very ill prepared to handle them. I'm here to reassure you that you will get past it or them.

Obstacles run the gamut of all the things that can go wrong. Also, obstacles tend to show up for everyone, no matter who you are, equal opportunity. Some of the most commonly heard problems:

  • I don't have money 
  • I don't have time                            
  • I don't have a babysitter 
  • I'm too fat 
  • I can't dance 
  • I don't have transportation 
  • There are no teachers nearby 
  •  I should be more advanced by now 
  • I'm burnt out 
  • I'm too skinny 
  • I'm too old 
  • It's too hard
I'm not saying these things aren't real of course they are. I've used every single one of those lines! 
When I first moved to San Francisco my car broke down on the Bay Bridge on my way to one of Suhaila Salimpour's classes. I didn't even attempt to go back for another few weeks. The dialogue in my brain was negative enough to bring me down: "Well Gina, maybe that's a sign that you shouldn't drive out this way for classes. Maybe this isn't for you. There are plenty of other things you can do it's SF! You're not that good at it anyway. Look at you, at your age taking bellydance what would your mother think?"
It's a wonder how I even got up the nerve to try again, isn't it? Geeesh!
I believed the excuses and the stories in my head that made me feel better about not going to class. I became my own biggest obstacle. I became my own worst dance enemy.
Thankfully, I soon realized that dancing and attending these classes truly made me happy and filled a void. I cannot express how happy I am today that I went back to class and didn't remain in that negative story I was selling myself.

Don't you hate it when that happens? When you realize you actually do have the power to make things happen…or not?

Again, these problems, yes they are real but don't let them dictate your life. Address the problem, resolve to come out of that negative head space and move on.
If you truly want to dance don't stand in your own way. Believe me you'll have enough adversity in the way without you contributing to the picture.
If dancing, brings you happiness, inspiration and fulfillment close the book of negative stories, throw it away and continue on your way to dance bliss for no one else other than you!

What are some obstacles you are experiencing now or have overcome and what helped you get through them?


  1. For me lately it's money and burn-out. I HAVE the money, but the amount that I spend on dance per month is really staggering. And in 2011 I built myself up from one night of classes to having classes 4 nights a week plus troupe practice every other weekend. I'm getting really tired of never having any evenings at home! But my dance is really improving from all the extra time with multiple teachers.

    1. Hi AJ, I totally hear what you're saying. I recently heard a podcast interview (w/Kelly Diels of http://www.kellydiels.com/) and although the main topic was different I feel it still applies. She talked about how we live and function in cycles, just like nature, just like other creatures in nature. We work and go go go but of course we're going to reach a point where we get stuck or tired or burnt out - we need to incorporate some down time into our cycles. You're happy with your dancing and that's awesome but maybe a short little break would be good? Nothing says you can't take a break does it? You'd be surprised what even just a week or two off would do for you!!

  2. I had a nice long holiday break... but I spent it being sick! I have taken some steps to lessen my dance load but if that doesn't a work, a break for a break's sake (instead of a break because the studio is on vacation or because I am sick as a dog) may be in order sometime soon.

    1. Yeah I don't think a sick break counts! Hope you're better. Yes darling, you've been working hard. I hope you get some good "me" time soon.

    2. Looking at my current schedule, I might finally get some "me" time in April ;) When this started out, dance was my "me" time!

      (It's not all dance stuff on my busy schedule, I've also got the gem show and house guests coming)


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