sex in the city...er...in tucson...

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Nah not really. Totally cheap shot that title. It's just that I just had a sort of "Sex In the City-ish" evening with some girlfriends and I'm so grateful I needed to write about it. It was nothing fancy or planned just a spur of the moment burger craving after dance rehearsal. Dance does that to you sometimes.

To tell you the truth I don't even really know that we are that "sex in the city-ish".  I mean after a two hour  dance class and then dance practice, how put together can you look? Besides, I didn't even watch the show, so what do I know?
I think it was the simple fact that we were a bunch of girlfriends out, talking about anything and everything.
I've always known these girls were special but knowing that I have very few nights like these left in Tucson, made my evening that much more outstanding.

You know the adage "you don't know what you got till it's gone"? Yeah not me. I do know how good I have it and I'm going to savor every last bit of it. And in a few weeks, when I won't have these beautiful friends around me, I'll miss them but I will also know that we made the best of our time together.

How about you, do you know how good you have it?

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