five bellydance treasures for you

It's good to step back and appreciate the abundance surrounding us. There has never been a time when we've had more bellydance knowledge at our fingertips. There are websites, forums, videos, blogs, DVD's, workshops, camps, seminars and all that is beside our regular ongoing classes. There is practically no excuse to not be familiar with just about any facet of bellydance. Of course you have to know what and how to look for it right?

I'd like to share some great bellydance finds I've come across. For a few weeks I've been participating in a great  online blog class, Blogging Your Way. As part of my homework I'm to post a list. What better time than now to share with you some of those great finds that I think all bellydancers should know about?

Here are my five finds for you. Enjoy.

1.  Arab Folk Dance Instructional DVD by the great Karim Nagi

2. Live Music & Movement, Maqam, Taqsim & Drum Solo for Dancers DVD by Karim Nagi

3. Deep Roots Dance, Blog - Director Shay Moore an ATS based tribal fusion instructor and performer runs a very discerning and witty blog. Although I haven's studied with her I've always respected her process and her insight. I highly  recommend it!

4.  David of Scandinavia of the Ethnic Dance Academy - Pursuing excellence in dance! if you've been around me lately at all then you have already heard me speak of him. David is a great instructor and coach. If you're looking to give your dance that edge, David is your guy. He lives in San Diego but does distance  coaching!  

5. Bellydancestore.biz - if it's a new cabaret or folk costume you want this is where to look first. They are fast, courteous and have a great selection. Especially if you are looking for a "designer" look.

Do you have some bellydance treasures to share? Please let me know about them.

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