11.11.11 nice day for a white wedding...

I'm performing at a wedding tonight. I was contacted about this wedding months ago, early summer I think. I thought it was sweet they wanted to have it on 11.11.11. I've danced at plenty of weddings before but this one is going to be different. The bride made a couple of requests one of them was that I use the song "Enjoy the Silence"...yep, you know the one. By Depeche Mode? What? Bellydance to Depeche Mode. Well in a kooky sort of way it works because it is a slightly more bellydance-y version of the song. Give it a listen here on Amazon.com, album: Beach Bellydance Babylon ( about halfway down the list).
The bride also requested some dabke music (good ol' fashion mid east line dancin'!) I love how in one single show I'll be dancing styles that span from one extreme to the other.
Looking forward to this party! Hope to be back with some photos for you.
Have an amazing weekend!

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