A Fresh Beginning [one last time]

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It's the first day of a shiny brand new class session! It's easy to feel energized and invigorated at the start of a new session. This time around it's a bit different. This will be my last session I teach in Tucson before my family and I relocate and start our new adventure to Florida and Oregon.
Last night I was feeling the nostalgia of the whole thing. I was feeling sad about all I'm leaving behind regarding bellydance. I'm leaving my wonderful classes full of wonderful people that enjoy learning the very same thing that I love. Do you know how remarkable that is? To meet weekly and share with a room full of women that are smiling and happy and are ready to learn and grow? It's amazing. It's magical. And week by week to build relationships, to build community. To watch people grow in their skill. To watch women come into their own potential. To grow to love one another. To become an essential part of each other's lives. It's as if all the moving parts are working together smoothly and are in synch. Yeah there are a few bugs or glitches here and there but those are negligible. It doesn't affect the so much bigger and oh so beautiful picture. I will always have that beautiful picture in my memory and in my heart. So yes, that's how I was feeling last night. Grateful but downhearted.
Today with the sun shining and the early crisp air (finally, thank goodness) I feel much more on the hopeful side. It feels like the perfect day to start a new class session!
The fact that it's my last one injects the day with even more enthusiasm and vibrancy. I am ready to deliver. I've always tried to do the best for my students but I'm really ready to leave it out all on the studio floor! I am pumped!
Of course if you're in my class, you know what that means for you right? Oh you better bring it. We're not going out easily or quietly. Let's kick it up a notch for our last "fresh beginning" together!

Do fresh beginnings invigorate you? Share your story, I love to hear your stories.



  1. I'm going to be sad to see you go! I hope that I can see you before you guys leave. I know it's for the best for you and I know you are making the best decision for your family. I'm going to miss you and I hope that Florida and Oregon treat your family good and you have lots of opportunities for dance and teaching!

  2. I moved to Tucson after visiting once (around ten years ago, when my Dad was taking summer classes at U of A for his doctorate); something about it just drew me in. I knew I needed a bigger city than where I was, but I wasn't ready for Phoenix or out of state, so a few months shy of my 22nd birthday, I picked up and moved here because I needed to find work...the only person I knew was a friend of a friend! I didn't even know him personally, and yet he was kind enough to help me move furniture from the truck into my new apartment. Fast forward three years and I have beautiful families I've met through church and dance; I never realized what it was like to have a dance community! Tucson has a special place in my heart as my first, real, "adult" fresh beginning!


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