Bedouin Bazaar in San Diego

Gina, Rachel, Stacey at Birdhouse Grill, Encinitas, CA

Happy Monday! Please no jokes about Monday. Let's just make the best of it shall we?
I know I'm going to have a great day because I'm coming off of a great weekend!
What a whirlwind!

My dance company, Safar Dance Co. and  I spent the weekend in San Diego to participate in the yearly Bedouin Bazaar bellydance festival.

We were fortunate enough to have our lovely company member, Stacey Wadsworth, give us a few ideas of what to do while in San Diego as this was her former stomping ground before moving to Tucson, AZ.
We kicked off our weekend Friday night at Birdhouse Grill  in Encinitas, CA with some delicious Turkish cuisine. I expected a bellydance show but 3 different dancers?! Awesome, and the headliner was none other than Rachel George herself. We also enjoyed lovely performances by Rebecca and Jennifer current and former members of the award winning San Diego troupe Arabina.

After an easy-ish (is a 20 month old every easy?) Saturday morning I headed to my workshop with DaVid of Scandinavia. I've known I've wanted to work with him for a while and I'll tell you what -- I've been putting it off for way to long! His workshop was eye opening. We covered some very simple concepts but  very important. He touched on Egyptian interpretation and audience connection just to name a couple of points. I will definitely be seeking out more of his instruction. If Raks Sharki is your love, do yourself a favor and take his next workshop!! Or better yet, don't wait, he does Skype/Video coaching!!

Saturday afternoon came sooner than expected and we enjoyed performances by Rachel George, DaVid and of course Tucson was represented by Safar Dance Co. Thank you Scottie Schultz for all your hard work in putting this event together year after year.

The fun didn't end here, no we still had another night in San Diego. Off to Zorba's. Yes a Greek restaurant. With --  get this -- live music! Yes big city restaurants do have their perks don't they?
A live band, with a singer. Of course dance company member, the beautiful greek Dora Kafkaridou, couldn't contain herself and was the first one up to dance.
After some more dancing by everyone we enjoyed a high energy performance by the troupe Arabina.  There was quite the variety provided -- sword, fire, greek, turkish, egyptian -- whew -- you have to experience it yourself.
Safar women out on the dance floor

I didn't stick around for the free flowing ouzo. Opa!!

As I get older I find I look forward to enjoying my Sunday mornings. To do that I actually have to sleep on Saturday nights.  Still, it was an amazing weekend.
I look forward to the next one!  For now, Happy Monday!


  1. How cool you had so much fun! Amazing! Of course...it made me cry! Wish I could get out and do more stuff and enjoy life and culture! At least I was able to enjoy from my couch...and imagination~ Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Annalisa
    Hi Annalisa, I hope the post didn't make you too depressed, I was hoping to inspire you! Just think, maybe next year? And even before next year, there are many more opportunities. You'll see. xoxo

  3. Oh Gina! I'd also like to mention that one of the diners was coaxed into singing some Arabic songs. He had an amazing voice! Way fun! :)


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