They Call Me Cha Cha...

"They call me Cha Cha, cause I'm the best dancer at St. Bernadette."
-Charlene "Cha Cha" Digregorio, Grease (1978)
played by Annette Charles (1948-2011)

Although I'm VERY late in posting this and it is no longer considered current news I still wanted to acknowledge the beautiful actress, dancer, professor Annette Charles. She died at the age of 63 on Aug. 4, 2011 of cancer complications.
Her famous character Cha Cha was the coolest bad girl ever! I'd say she stands the test of time pretty well. Take a peek at the video I posted above (she delivers her famous line at :22). I'd say she's still pretty hot.

When my parents FINALLY did allow me see the movie "Grease", I knew I was suppose to be rooting for Sandy but something in me wanted to be more like Cha Cha. I knew she was the bad girl but come on! She was beautiful, she kicked high, she even looked Latina! Now really, could you have blamed me? I still want to be like Cha Cha.

Thank you Cha Cha, thank you Annette Charles for inspiring that skinny little Mexican girl to dance.

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  1. that's definitely one of the cooler bits in the movie. RIP.


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