ABC's of Bellydance.....[C and D]

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It's time for the next installment of our ABC project but before we continue I want to thank everyone who dropped by and especially those of you who took time to share your input via your comments. There were some really great additions to our little glossary. Thanks so much! 

Also it's time to announce last week's winner. Anyone who contributed 3 or more terms in their comment qualified to be randomly selected to win a prize. 
So the $10 raksgina.com class gift certificate goes to Laura Everett . Congrats! I will be contacting you to make arrangements.

This ABC column was going to be just a quick fun glossary project but it seems to be getting a little more interesting. Giveaways! There are things happening behind the scenes to bring you some great treats in the following weeks of the ABC column!

Of course with that said this week, if you choose to contribute, it will have to be just for the plain old fun of it. The prize giving starts next week --- and wow what a great prize --stay tuned for that one. More on that later.

No onto our ABC's…

A reminder of how you can make yourself heard and be a part of this glossary:

1. Read the ABC's of Bellydance post of the week containing that week's assigned letters.

2. Post bellydance related terms that start with that letter. For example: bellydance terms, phrases,     Troupe names (include info on them), famous or popular bellydance songs, steps, movements -- you get the idea right? It's pretty open. Be funny, be serious, be inspirational. You can even be a little naughty, just a little : )


Commitment -  The only way to achieve success in whatever stage of bellydance you are in.  Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran you commit to practice, to study, to grow, to respect, to learn, to love this dance.

Carioca -- As in "Tahiya Carioca". The term Carioca refers to natives of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but also to a type of dance with brazilian/latin footwork that was famous during her time (think Carmen Miranda).  Tahiya was so adept at incorporating these steps into her dance that "Carioca" became part of her name.

Darbouka - Also known as 'doumbek'. These are the Middle Eastern terms for this goblet drum. The body of the drum is made of either aluminum or ceramic. The head of the drum is plastic or sometimes fish or goat skin.

What are your C and D bellydance terms?


  1. Congratulations to Laura! Hey, that starts with a "C" too ;)

    Constructive Criticism. Something every dancer has to be open to receiving from their teachers and peers if they ever want to improve.

    Carolena Nericcio. The founder of Fat Chance Belly Dance, the troupe that gave us ATS.

    Chiffon. A pretty, sheer material that makes nice veils and skirts.


    Dum. The deep sound from striking a drum at the center. In traditional articulation, a dancer will step on the "dum" and/or do a movement that has a downward or inward motion.

    Dancing. The whole reason we're all on this blog. We love to dance!

    Dead Can Dance. A pioneering Goth band with a very tribal sound. Personally important to my dance journey because when I first learned to dance, I practiced a LOT to DCD.

  2. Thanks for hosting! I LOVE word-based games :D

  3. C:

    Community - one of the best things about belly dancing, and it's what keeps the dance scene healthy.

    Costuming/Costumes - an essential (and sometimes lamented :)) part of performing.

    Cabaret - a style of bellydance


    Dahlal - a bellydance costuming store

    Delilah - bellydancer (and I believe a certain move is called that too).

    Drills - so important for learning good technique.

  4. This is so much fun!

    For C...
    "Chik Chak Chouk"-another great song
    Chiftetelli- a beautiful rhythm

    For D...
    Dina!!!! Another one of my very favorite dancers
    Drum solo- an important part of a full bellydance set

  5. C

    Courage. Having the ability to actually go out there and dance. It can be scary just showing up to class at times because you feel everyone in the class is on a different level than you.

    Charisma. The key that you get by just having that stage presence. That little something that makes the audience simply want to watch you dance.

    Classes. Something you can or may not need to attend but it's kind of recommend to become a better dancer. :)

    Determination. something I don't have, except when it comes to running. But you have to have it to want to say okay...I'm going to be a better dancer because I'm doing to drill x times a week or you will perform on x day at x show.

    Drop Ins. Something I do all the time. I can't stick to a class because my work schedule it never the same. So, I've kind of gotten used to the drop in thing.

    Durable. Some of our costumes are not....

  6. Thank you Gina!

    C is for Confidence and Character - 2 essentials for the performing belly dancer

    C is for Classical Egyptian composers and musicians - There are some standards that every belly dancer should at least be able to recognize!

    C is for Cairo - one of the centers of Arab culture, past and present (stop me from nerding out)

    (and C is for Cookies - they were delicious!!!)

    D is for Development - it seems like in this dance there is always room to develop and grow in new ways. And just when you think you have something down - POW! you realize that there's another level

    D is for debke, a Levantine folk dance (L is for the Levant... lol)

    D is for the decadent costumes I drool over at dahlal.com :)

  7. Love this Gina..having fun and learning! Did my homework so here goes:

    C~ Cheironomia - play of the hands

    D~ Danse du ventre - The french term for belly dance...the French always make everything sound prettier1 And similar to the Spanish term for Belly dance~ Danza del vientre, which I always loved!

  8. What a cute project! I love this. I came across your blog from BYW and thought I should say hi, and contribute my own C and D!

    C - is for CREATE - to love dance and CREATE what we love.

    D - is for DEVELOPMENT. to always DEVELOP our sense of self through dance.

  9. @ana {bluebirdkisses}
    Hello Ana, Welcome! It's so nice to make a connection from BYW. Reminds me, I should get that BYW badge up soon!
    Thanks for your contribution! I look forward to connecting with you : )

  10. Bellydance is for women of all ages, sizes, walks of life and perspectives.

  11. I enjoy belly dancing with any type of music. Also with belly dancing, it can also be used if you are practicing for your own fitness or health purposes.

  12. I love belly dancing and I would like to know how to do this. I think it's not very complicated to learn...



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