ABC's of Bellydance [$10 gift certificate]

I seem to forever be picking up ABC's and 123's up off the floor. That's what happens when you live with a 19 month old. Besides the great exercise I'm getting all these magnet and puzzle pieces have inspired an idea. It made me want to create my own "ABC's of Bellydance".

I don't mean in the sense of a 'how-to'. I mean it in a more literal way. For example this week we start with the letters A and B. I will post one or two bellydance terms per letter.  Yes I've been watching too much Sesame Street, I know, just humor me.
You post your own words or terms for the assigned letters in the comment section.
We'll do 2 letters every week until get through the alphabet. It's that easy!

To kick off our new column I'm going to throw in a $10 gift certificate (toward classes, privates, etc) to a randomly picked winner from the comment section (comment must contain 3 or more words, terms, etc.).

So again this is what you do:

1. Read the ABC's of Bellydance post of the week containing that week's assigned letters.

2. Post bellydance related terms that start with that letter. For example: bellydance terms, phrases,     Troupe names (include info on them), famous or popular bellydance songs, steps, movements -- you get the idea right? It's pretty open. Be funny, be serious, be inspirational. You can even be a little naughty, just a little : )

3. THIS WEEK if in your comment you enter 3 or more terms you may be randomly selected from entries to receive a $10 gift certificate (toward classes, privates, transferrable).


Assiut -- this is sometimes spelled assuit, is an Egyptian textile, fine cotton netting fabric with hand    applied hand hammered silver wire. Typically found in black or white.

Assaya -- as in Raks Assaya, is the ever popular  Upper Egypt (which is southern Egypt) cane dance.

Beledi -- Middle Eastern rhythm, in Arabic can mean "my country" or "of the country", can be a costume dress style

Bal Anat -- name of dance troupe created in late 60's by Jamila Salimpour. Credited with giving birth to   what has evolved into today's "tribal style". In this sense Jamila is known as the mother of tribal.

Now it's your turn. What A & B terms can you share?


  1. Oh, what fun! And Assuit is definitely one of my favorite "A" belly dance words. It's so pretty :)


    Anaya Tribal! My teachers :)

    American Tribal Style, aka ATS, the popular group improvisational style performed by Fat Chance Belly Dance.


    Belly Flutters: A concept that I understand but can't quite master. Yet.

    Blume Bauer: President of the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association.

  2. azdesertlotus9/7/11, 3:06 PM

    A is two of my favorite dancers and teachers - Amaya and Aisha Ali!

    B is for two of the essentials no dancer can be without - the bra and belt!

    Happy dancing!

  3. A and B are for the movements - Arabic and Belly rolls. For music the classical - Al Leyla We Leyla and Bitwannes Beek.
    Donna H.

  4. Sandy Tiss9/7/11, 4:56 PM

    Ok! Here is my contribution...

    A is for Amani, one of my favorite dancers. A is also for Ala Nar, a great classic song.

    B is for "bouncing butt", as in follow the bouncing butt, the way many Middle Eastern dancers teach! And I have to add Bert Balladine for B, such an inspiration!

  5. Oh! This is fun!
    Okay, for A I have to start with Arabesque. I love the drama that pause with the lift and the sweeping of the leg creates in this lovely move, plus to me it represents the way dance styles, like ballet and belly dance mix and evolve, never stagnant, always evolving.

    And, always remember, ARMS! ARMS! ARMS! I love watching a dancer with graceful, strong arms that emote. Yes, us belly dancers dance with our hips and our feet, but our arms also dance.

    B is for Beat. Oh how important it is to dance to the music and accent just the right spots to keep your performances exciting and your audiences engaged.

    And for Balls! Cuz it takes guts to take the stage and dance for ourselves, each other, and larger audiences. Any woman who takes a belly dance class has some balls if you ask me, and I like it!

    Finally, we have BEADS to make us sparkle; Arabic people to dance for and culture to appreciate; the song Adawiya by Ali Kudi, which is so beautiful and sensual; and of course, B for Belly dance, which I am very much in love with.

    Much love,

  6. Brandye Asya9/8/11, 4:25 PM

    Gina, this was really fun to do!! Now, disclaimer...these are only my opinions.:o)

    Attitude: What you share when you dance from your heart.

    Ansuya: Accomplished performer, instructor, and choreographer. Co-founder of Fire in the Belly Fusion Fitness Center in Florida. Former BDSS, IAMED Best Cabaret Dancer of the Year 2001, Daughter of Jenaeni who was a renowned belly dancer in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Asya: “Grace”. Also, the name of a Turkish pop singer popular in the 90’s.

    Belly: The stomach, abdominal muscles, womb, center, chi, power. When you dance, the belly is where your power comes from whether via your muscular core or from the essence of your femininity.

    Body wave: A massage for your inner core. That’s how I see it anyways. Laura A. Cooper says, ‘A full undulation moves both to lengthen and strengthen the entire column of spinal and ab muscles.’ *Sited from Belly Dance Basics by Cooper. (I'll let someone else detail the mechanics of the body wave)

    Benefits: Empowers, challenges, and promotes a positive body image. Belly dance is the passage to unlocking pure emotions from within. Then there are the obvious health and well-being benefits as well.

    In Love and Light,
    Brandye Asya

  7. A is for: Amint Billah- Part of a Baladi- the One count is VERY important in Amint Billah.

    Ava Fleming- International Performance Belly Dancer, movement coach, & overall awesome fusion/American Cabaret Dancer.

    Arm Path- The arm path is very important to a dancer, without it our arms would just hang there and not know where to travel!

    B is for: Baladi- also known as Beledi.The term itself means "from the country." It's a type of music that is literally from the country.

    Bedlah: the bedlah is the known as the belly dancer's bra and belt set, but it really is referring to the entire costume. The word Bedlah means "suit."

    Basics-having the basics down is one of the most important ways to start!

  8. A is for: Aziza of Montreal, one of my favorites! B is for: Bahaia of Austin, who taught me my performance basics and still inspires me.

    A is for: A Trade Like Any Other: Female Singers and Dancers in Egypt - an ethnography about Egyptian performers, and B is for: Belly Dance: Orientalism, Transnationalism, and Harem Fantasy - on my Amazon Wish List

    A is for Arabesque - the belly dance journal, and B is for Bhuz.com - a belly dance forum i read frequently and post sparingly on.

    (mine are so nerdy.) ;) Fun activity!

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  10. ~boobooed the 1st one~
    You are so funny! And admiringly creative and inspirational! Although you are on C and D...still wanted to contribute to A and B:

    A~ Awwady - In Arabic music, this refers to the free-form improvised instrumental solo that has no underlying rhythm.Often used for the opening few phrases of music played for a belly dancer, and it is then followed by the fast- or medium-tempo entrance music.
    B~ Bambi - A coquettish style of baladi dance. Also the color pink in Arabic.

    Huh,huh??? How do you like me now? Been doing my belly dance homework!

  11. @Annalisa
    Ouch! Someone is on fire! Watch out! XO, G

  12. With belly dancing a dancer has to look at their performance as a whole, a complete presentation that flows seamlessly from beginning to end.


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