No Regrets, No Apologies, No Excuses! {session starts Sept 12th & 13th}

It's good to be back in Tucson after my summer expedition to go visit the...FAMILY! After two months in Hood River, Oregon I'm back unscathed and in one piece. You know I only jest right? Of course I love my  family! And I love Hood River. It really is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I absolutely fell in love with the town that I couldn't wait to leave so many years ago. Sigh...well that's a story for another post we have some serious business to take care of now.

That's right CLASS IS BACK IN SESSION kids! It's time to hit the dance studio. I hope you're ready. I hope you had a beautiful summer and that you are refueled, replenished and reinspired to move to the music. And if not, well let's get you there! 

There is nothing like a fresh beginning to snap you out of your rut and get you going again. That is what our upcoming class session can be for you. Will you take advantage of this opportunity? I hope you do. I'm excited to start the session with this mindset:
No Regrets, No Apologies, No Excuses!

Come along for the ride! I'm thrilled to announce 2 new classes added to the calendar! Here's our class schedule, hope to see you there!

Monday *NEW* 5:45pm-7:00pm -Dance Movement & Props -see description below 
Monday               7:15pm-8:30pm -Level 2 Technique 
Location: Zuzi Dance Studio, in the East Studio, 738 N 5th Ave, Tucson, AZ

Tuesday              5:45pm-7:00pm -Level 1 Technique
Tuesday *NEW* 7:15pm-8:30pm -Performance Class -see description below
Location:  2nd Floor Lobby, The Historic Y Building, 738 N 5th Ave, Tucson, AZ

Prices: $60 -6 Week Session (1 class/week)
$13 -Drop in/Single Class
Special Discounts: 2 classes per session $110, 3 classes per session $150 (amazing deal)
Call 520 370 9927 or email me at gina@raksgina.com to register.

*NEW* Dance Movement & Props
Highly recommended if bellydance is/are the only class/es you are taking. We will be addressing and building on the fundamentals of moving through and around the dance floor, transitions, balance, strength, movement not covered in specific bellydance technique classes. Build confidence, discover or further develop your style. It's time to decide -do you take bellydance classes or are you a bellydancer? Not for the faint of heart but we'll start gently : )

*NEW* Performance Class
It's all about the 4 C's in this class. I promise you, Choreography, Coaching, Calibrating and Caring! With the rise in bellydance popularity, thus more bellydancers, it has become commonplace for dancers to only perform 1 or 2 songs at a time due to the increase in recital type events. Fewer dancers are equipped to perform a full traditional set. The dancer's experience has been thwarted. This class will move you beyond that plateau and help you begin to experience and emote a fuller range of emotion (and motion) that is required of a performer. Expect tough love and HOMEWORK! As a member of this class you will receive priority consideration for Open Stage Nights. Pre-requisite: MUST be actively enrolled in one of my technique classes (Level 1, Level 2, Dance Movement class).

Class info can also be found on my website: http://www.raksgina.com/classes.html

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