Do You Speak Dance?

I've often used the concept of language as a metaphor for dance. As we use words and vocabulary to express our ideas and thoughts so we use our bodies in dance. In performance we interpret our essence through our movement in union with music (that's our goal anyway). In the classroom, again, it's also very much like learning a new language; pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, conversation, culture.
Our dance lessons take us through fundamental movement, correct muscle contraction and release, isolation, transitions, combinations, culture as well and so much more, it's endless!

Our language of dance is how we communicate with ourselves and speak to our audience but there is something even more remarkable about our language. It's also how we connect with other dancers. I had the beautiful experience of doing just that with dancers that that I had just met at that moment.

It just so happens that I'm staying literally about a block and a half from the local tribal style bellydance studio Scarlet Thistle. I was fortunate enough to take a class from Colette, director of tribal troupe Scarlet Thistle. She was very warm, welcoming and taught a great class.
It was so exciting to just fall into the familiarity of the movement we have in common. It felt good to dance, move, sweat and take in the music with these women that I've only just met. It was an instant connection. Another beautiful reason to be so grateful that dance is part of my life. I definitely plan on joining these ladies for a few more classes.

In case bellydancing isn't enough shimmying I found a fun Afro-Brazilian/Samba class on Saturday mornings. Although to be honest it's not so much shimmying as straight out booty shakin'!
It's the best way to start my weekend. I'm looking forward to a few more of these as well.

Do you speak Dance? I'd love to hear about the last special connection you made.

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  1. Hi Gina! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm not a dancer but your blog is really delightful! Good luck with your projects. - g


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