No dancers yet? Let's shop...

I was excited to find a local bellydance yahoo group page. I joined but haven't heard back yet :( I have a few weeks here yet so I haven't given up. I'll keep searching for those dang bellydancers.

When I'm not looking for bellydancers or drinking the local wine (heh heh, more on that later) I'm doing vacation-like things. You know those things that we'd all do if we only had the time.

Apple Green is the name of this fun little shop. It's a gardening/home decor boutique in the middle of downtown Hood River. Besides the fact that it's adorable I get a kick out of this store because you have to understand something about this town. When I was growing up here you were more likely to find an ACE Hardware store than an upscale boutique with fresh home decor ideas. Times change.

In Oregon it's a given you're going to have some overcast and rainy days. What better time to bake? I tried my hand at an almost Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie. The almost is due to the non-vegan chocolate chips. I only had the regular Nestle Toll House Chips. They were pretty good. I'll go the whole way vegan next time. I know there's a rainy day around the corner.

Another great idea put into place. The existing Nursery in town opened a cafe -- what a great idea! It's already surrounded by beauty right?
I would love to hear about your summer!

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