Bit of Oregon Life

I've been in Oregon for a couple of weeks now but don't worry I will not bore you with every single picture I've taken. I did, however, want to share some of the beauty and goodies that I've been fortunate enough to enjoy. For example this first image here, this is the delightful view on our walk toward downtown.
This one may seem weird but it's one of those rite of passage type things. In my family we ALL had our picture taken with the scary wood carved couple outside of "Charburger". It was Sabrina's turn. She didn't seem to mind much.

 Of course there is always that quaint Farmer's Market on Thursdsay evenings. These are some of the beautiful goodies that caught my eye.

I totally had forgotten about 4-H!
(Head, Heart, Hands and Health)

This booth is "The Tart Lady". I'll be visiting her next Thursday. Delicious.

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