Bit of Summer Hustle & Bustle

I'm sitting in a comfy chair by an open window. The wind is blowing, we're not talking a summer breeze, this is good old Hood River, Oregon wind blowing through the window screen. I'm actually chilly. Which of course makes me think of Tucson. All my dear friends and family seeking shelter either from the stinging hot sun or the pelting monsoon rains. Sorry guys! 
The sharp contrast makes me think of how just a month ago for Father's Day we were in Tucson taking in the sun, cooling off in the pool. So I figured now would be a good time to stop, rewind and share a few quick notes of the last month.

So yes, as I mentioned, roughly a month ago was Father's Day. This was Scott's second year. We decided to treat our little family to nice dip in a cool pool, some nice cocktails and casual dinner with a view.
With Father's Day behind us it was time to board the plane to New Jersey to see some family. This was the first time Sabrina flew "sans nursing". You could say I was a bit more worried than she was about it. She did ok, considering she's a 17 month old restricted and restrained for 4 hours! I mean what adult would like that, right?

A week in New Jersey by the water, family and food. Good times.

Back from New Jersey just in time to host the June Open Stage Night. Sadly I don't have photos of that evening but...it was an amazing night! So many different dancers, such great energy it was beautiful. I can't wait for the next one --- in September ---get ready for it!

Phew! Done with events in Tucson and then it was time to get on that road again. This time we drove to our next destination. That made for some interesting photos too.

Three days on the road finally brought us to our destination, Hood River, Oregon. Truly one of the most beautiful little corners of the world. After days of family and food (probably a little too much of both) we got down to business, Scott went windsurfing, Sabrina to her swim lessons and getting spoiled by grandma and granddad and me, well just keeping up. Actually I'm on a mission to find some local dancers. This is a very, very small town but from what I hear there is a bellydance community in the area. I haven't found them yet but I have started taking Samba class - so fun! I'm only an hour away from Portland, you know what that means? Delpha for Turkish dancing, and Gypsy Caravan -- need I say more. Oh and Severina -- the first Tribaret dancer I ever met (ages ago!).
More on the local dance scene soon! How's your summer going?


  1. Great! Having a boy! I can't wait for the next open stage night!!

  2. Yay! Congratulations Dina! Open Stage Night really? I can't wait for that baby! Ha!

  3. Haha I still have four more months to wait for him. I don't have enough things in the home yet and I'm kind of worried it won't be ready for him in time. :P


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