10 Question Quickie with Ramona Grewe

Ramona is the subject of our new 10 Question Quickie interview. What can I say about her? She's an amazing woman. She's a shining example of someone strong yet kind. Someone intense yet balanced. Read question #9 and you'll see her sense of humor. I love her. Let me introduce you to Ramona Grewe.

Name: Ramona Grewe
Occupation: State Employee
Family Status: Divorced, Mom to my beautiful daughter Lara

1. What first attracted you to bellydancing?
RG: A newspaper ad in Germany offering BD lessons.

2. How long have you been studying bellydance?
RG: Almost 30 years (do we have to tell the truth???) lol

3. Why do you continue to study it?
RG: Because I am hooked since day one and I think I always can learn more because I want to dance like this or  that dancer and never do. The day you stop learning is the day you stop dancing.

4. What is most challenging about it?
RG: Not to lose sight of who you are as a dancer, you can't be like the other dancer or teachers, be yourself.

5. What is your next goal in bellydance?
RG: To just keep going, I am teaching at Pima College and have tons of fun with the students, maybe continue to do one event for all our dancers in the community a year. I appreciate the support from all.

6. What/who is your inspiration at the moment?
RG: I am inspired by lots of people or things, I love strong woman that have the courage to make a difference in whatever their passion is. As a historical person I like Cleopatra and Mata Hari, as of recent history my mother whom I really miss daily, her wisdom and friendship, her gentle kindness that I am lacking sometimes.

7. Do you find that it has presented challenges with family and friends or do you feel you have support?
RG: Both, in the beginning family is supportive, then it gets old and they don't want to hear about it anymore, or babysit or travel to a workshop or help during an event. 

8. What has bellydance changed for you?
RG: My life, my marriage, my broader circle of friends, my financial well being (darn costumes cost a lot), my health, my status as a female, my confidence, my love and understanding of other cultures.

9. Where do you see yourself going with bellydance?
RG: Dropping dead (gorgeous in a shiny outfit) in the middle of a performance with a big smile on my face at age 99.

10. What other hobbies or passions do you enjoy and do you have time for them?
RG: Hanging out with my family/friends, salsa dancing, reading (little time), eating, drinking (hmm Kir Royal), cooking, having fun with my man :), traveling and partying.

Bonus Questions:
What (one) word would you use to sum up what bellydance means to you?
RG: Happiness

Briefly share something about yourself that we wouldn't know from a simple conversation/interview with you.
RG: I do not drink coffee, I love to eat mussels, I do not watch much TV, and guess what ???  There is life without a face book account, no really, really believe me it does work, I do not have an account, I just call my friends the good ol' fashion way. Oh and not to forget did I mention I like to dance like nobody is watching??  Happy dancing beautiful Gina, you inspire me too....ciao bella, Ramona

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  1. Wow! This woman is truly amazing! What a beautiful picture of her! When Gina first suggested I take classes from her....I was scared to let go of my mommie's (Gina) skirt and on to another teacher. At first, I did not know how to take Ramona....she is so European, blunt...she tells it like it is. I thought....I don't think this woman likes me...and there is no one like Gina. Well, no there is no one like Gina, but both these women are truly amazing. And it's not that Ramona doesn't like you...if she is tough,you can be sure it's because she likes you, and wants to see you succeed,she wants you to work to your max potential and bring out the best in yourself.Ramona is so funny...her bluntness to some(ignorant people) can be taken maybe as rude,but to me, it's a breath of fresh air.I love the lack of hipocresy and the tell it like it is attitude...it shows the quality of this woman,her braveness and originality...she doesn't have to be like everyone else...she is herself,unique...and it's fun! She really makes me laugh... I enjoy the beauty she portrays, the sensuality she exudes...and yes...I can see her still dancing at 99 and still reeking of sensuality.
    Gina and Ramona,2 women I am blessed to have met...two teachers who are teachers not only of dance, but of life, of womanhood, of beauty...so different,yet so similar,both graceful,smart,both reminders that we are goddesses and although they are different and teach in different ways...they both have taught me to explore, find and love the goddess within me... to appreciate,dance,music,culture... Thanks ladies..my life is more complete and meaningful since I've had the luck to be an apprentice to the both of you!


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