Safar Dance Co. Nominated in Shakedown Awards!

Recently we found out that our very own Safar Dance Co. was nominated in the Troupe of the Year category for the Arizona Shakedown Awards organized by Levant Al Sonora (AZ MECDA Chapter).

It was pretty funny as I didn't know about it until quite after the fact. As a group we are honored and humbled to be mentioned alongside the other troupes in the category;
Anaya Tribal, Ghazaal Beledi, Divine Chaos Tribal, Shahrazad, and Opal Collective.

It is not clear to me what or how the voting process will go but according to the Levant Al Sonora website the voting will take place between July 1st and September 1st. Winners will be announced at the Desert Shakedown Gala Show. I will keep you posted of course as I learn more.

Congratulations Safar Dance Co!

New Safar Dance Co. Facebook Fan Page, come join us!

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