It's all about you...and I admire you

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It's all about you! Well at the very least in (our) class it is. Otherwise why would you be there, in that small sweaty dance studio? Dance is a form of expression. Your dance is your expression. You have something to say.
I like to ask students in class "Why do you dance?" All sorts of answers follow; "I like the exercise", "I like the music", "It makes me feel feminine", "I've always wanted to try it", "I want to dance like Shakira", "My friend dragged me here". Of course these are all true, but there's more to it. We're all here to say something, to communicate maybe even to reveal a bit of ourselves. How brave you are. How courageous of you to open yourself to others, to exit your comfort zone, to share yourself. I admire you.
We're all there in that sweaty little class because we have chosen this dance as a form of expression. If you haven't already figured it out, I hate to be the one to break it to you, this isn't the easiest dance to learn. To fully express, emote, to capture the spirit of the dance while interpreting your own essence in the most authentic way possible can take YEARS! But there we are, all plugging away at it every week...and isn't it fun?!

Thank you for taking the time for yourself because in turn you inspire me.
I admire you. Thank you.

Why do you dance? What does dance give you the courage to say? How are you inspired?


  1. Love to go to dance class 3 times a week! It is both invigorating and relaxing for me! :)

    So nice to meet you through BYW.
    All the best,
    Mary C. Nasser Art Blog

  2. @Mary C. Nasser
    Hi Mary, Yes! There is nothing like dance is there? Couldn't live without it myself.
    I'm so glad to make a connection through BYW. I'm loving that course. See you in class.
    Be well,


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