Georges Lammam, A musical experience you don't want to miss (june 18)

We are quite lucky. Georges Lammam will be in Tucson for a day teaching a workshop for dancers and musicians as well as delighting us with an intimate dinner show in the evening.

Georges Lammam is an internationally known world class violinist. Georges will be performing with Gabby Tawil, master darbouka player, and ensemble. Just imagine yourself dancing alongside this talent! What an opportunity for any dancer!

Here is a little clip of beautiful dancer Shoshanna dancing to one of Georges Lammam's bands.

Tickets are on sale now:

Workshop: Saturday, June 18, 1pm-4pm, $55
Dinner Show: Saturday, June 18, 7pm, $45 (same location as workshop, see flier)
To register and purchase tickets: Ramona 520 661 9508, aischababy@hotmail.com OR
contact me at: gina@raksgina.com, 520 370 9927

This will be a special evening, as professional Raks Sharki dancers, these are the moments we look for. I will definitely be there!

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