Bellydance for everyone's schedule!

SO much dance happening lately! We are wrapping up our current class session getting ready to start our new one next week. We just had our February Open Stage Night last week. We're ending our first B30X! practice program --- with beautiful results this Monday!!

You missed our Open Stage? Here is a little sample of what you missed:

For the immediate future we have a new B30X run starting March 15th, Open Stage Night March 24th, and the 2nd Annual Bellydance Bootcamp Workshop. We will be having a very special guest at this upcoming workshop, the beautiful Mirabai Asal, she will be doing a segment on fan veils.

Here is Mirabai in action:

Here are some fun performance and opportunities coming up:

Saturday, March 12, 6pm-9pm, Dance Loft - Hafla hosted by Fonda

Sunday, March 13, 10:00am, Festival of Books - Safar Dance Co AND INVITED GUESTS!!

Tuesday, March 15, B30X! Practice Program starts! Ask me for details, it's free, it's on your own time, in the privacy of your own home, and it's productive! If you're serious about improving your bellydance join us.

Thursday, March 24, 7pm-9pm, Luxor Cafe - Open Stage Night

Sat & Sun, March 26 & 27, Flor de Liz Tucson Bellydance Bootcamp!! W/special guest Mirabai Asal.

Saturday, April 23, No Frills Show at Zuzi - Safar Dance Co.

Thursday, April 28, 7pm-9pm, Luxor Cafe - Open Stage Night

Saturday, May 7, TENTATIVE - Mahin's Teacher Feature Night in Phoenix -- student group -- maybe that means you?!?

Sunday, June 19, - Very Special Surprise Show!!!

So there you go, at least no one can complain that there is a shortage of bellydance!

Please let me know if you know would like me to list your local bellydance event.
Hope to see you at one of these!

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