Intro to Iyengar

So, you know what I did for the first time today? Iyengar yoga. Do you know what I learned about myself? I have super tight IT band, I'm afraid of headstands and I have no rapport with my toes, none!
My ego said: Aw man, what's wrong with you?!
What I'm really thinking now, however, is THANK YOU IYENGAR YOGA! Thank you for pointing out those little and not so little areas I need to work on for a more balanced body.
Then of course my ego spoke up again "How could you be dancing this long and not connect with your toes!" Oy vey, egos can be very annoying, and loud!
I can see that besides the obvious physical benefits Iyengar can produce it will also bring about emotional and personal development. The trick is sticking with it right? I'll let you know.

Have you ever practiced Iyengar yoga?

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