Turkish Roman Dance with Delpha!

Wow, wow, wow! What a workshop that was! In my years of bellydancing I've taken a few classes on Turkish rhythms, some on Karshlama dancing, (or as we learned last weekend the proper term would be 9/8 dancing), learned a few 9/8 finger cymbal patterns but I've never had an instructor like Delpha!

First let me tell you a bit about Delpha. She's one of my first bellydance friends from way back when. We met years ago when we were both living in Portland and studying with Gypsy Caravan. I moved to San Francisco and she stayed in Portland and went on to study with the amazing Aziza, did some fire dancing. Eventully we lost touch like friends sometimes do. You have to remember these were the days before Facebook and blogs. Anyway we reconnected recently and I found out she was living in Turkey, oh and married to a nice guy named David. Ok now fastforward to last weekend.

Delpha was in Tucson last Saturday to teach a workshop on Turkish Rom dancing. She broke down that 9/8 count and the movement quite beautifully. She kept it simple and that was key. She kept it clean, to the point and her demonstrations were right on point. I cannot recommend that everyone take a workshop with Delpha when they can.

She brought with her the experience and essence she absorbed not only from living in Turkey (as if that's not enough) but from studying with one of the great Turkish Rom dance instructors. Her name is Reyhan Tuzsuz.

If you missed it you are not completely out of luck. A DVD will soon be out and you can get a little taste of this dance that is usually only enjoyed among the tight knit Roman community. The DVD can be found on dhavir.com

I know that we are bringing Delpha back to Tucson for sure!!

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