Last 5 Months in a Minute

Philosopher Williams James said "Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task."
Boy was good ol' Bill right! I've known for months that I needed to update this blog, but noooo I kept procrastinating. Granted I've had a baby since my last post but still how long can it take to put down a few lines, or post a link or a video? I mean if I can post a comment on Facebook, I certainly can post a couple of lines on this thing, no?

Anyhow, I've done and experienced all sorts of interesting dance related things that I've neglected to tell you about. I've decided, however, rather than putting it off any longer I'm just going to go for it now. With my baby Sabrina in my arms and my laptop on my lap I'm going to list what I think were my noteworthy experiences or finds. Ok, let me back up a few months.

1) Ranya Renee DVD: Bellydance Egytpian Style: The Baladi by Ranya Renee
From: WorldDanceNewYork.com

This is a double DVD set that is fabulous. She literally dissects the beledi. Ranya reviews different rhythms, speeds, segments of the dance, the mood, the sentiment.
Her breakdown is precise and detailed. There is plenty of practice time on the DVD set. For her explanation on muscle control and access she gets quite creative with her clothing props. This is a wonderful DVD that every serious bellydance student must have in their library. I want to thank Amy Boyle for turning me onto this one!

2) Ahava Workshop sponsored by Amanda Rose

On March 7th, 2010 Amanda Rose a beautiful Phoenix based dancer sponsored an Ahava workshop in Phoenix. Ahava did not disappoint! Ahava has such a beautiful understated Egyptian style I absolutely love watching her. New baby and all I did not want to miss the opportunity to take in what she had to teach. She taught a Malaya Leff style choreography and a Drum Solo Choreography. Unfortunately I missed the show the previous night but I was happy with my Sunday workshops. She truly makes the dance seem fun and effortless. Thank you Amanda Rose!! Go see Ahava when you get the chance!

3) First Annual "Bootcamp" April 10 & 11, 2010!!!

Although it was so well received that we might have to do it two times a year. Perhaps a Spring and a Fall Bootcamp?

Bootcamp Trainees ready to go!

Drum Class with Ya'akov Falk

Freestyle exercise

Happy drummer equals happy dancers!

"After" the bootcamp, look at that glow!

A studio full of sassy sweaty women all working toward the same goal: improving, strengthening and perfecting their technique. This was not for the faint of heart. It was inspiring to see the respect for the art form, the love of movement and music. The natural camaraderie that comes with sharing this dance. Thank you ladies for making our first Tucson Bellydance Bootcamp such a great success!! I look forward to the next one...

4) Ava Fleming Workshop & Show, sponsored by Ramona

Ava taught bellydance movements that bellydancers of all styles use but presented them thoroughly and accurately. The key really was all that time she spent on each move.
For example the undulation, or bellyroll. We've all done it a million times. Ok, maybe not a million but certainly plenty of times, however, she really made sure that everyone at least tried to use the abdomen muscles completely and fully, the entire length of the muscle. Her calm, patient manner made the workshop great.
The show was so much fun. It showcased many of Tucson's local dancers, there were solos, duets, troupes, students, professional, Turkish style and then of course Ava herself. I swear I don't think the woman has a cell in her body she can't control. She is a very strong and technical dancer that doesn't miss a beat!! Wow!

As you can see there is no shortage of bellydance events and opportunities. For example this weekend we have a Turkish Rom workshop with Delpha straight from Turkey! In two weeks we have our Summer Soiree Hafla -- there is always something for everyone. I hope to see you at one of our many forthcoming events or classes.
Happy Dancing!!

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