New Year -- Make It A Happy One!

It's a new year. Another opportunity to start fresh again.
What do you hope to accomplish in 2010? I could get lost in all the things I want to do, my list is endless. I think, however, I will focus my attention on who I want to be instead.
I have a big birthday coming up in a few weeks, will I let a number identify who I am? I have a most beautiful gift on the way, a daughter. Will I be a good mother? I have the challenge of teaching dance and fitness while being a new mom, how will that go? Will I still consider myself a fitness trainer, a teacher? Will I remain connected to my friends?
Those are all important but I think I need to delve deeper.
They are still not getting at the core of who I am. This will be a most interesting journey. One thing I know for sure, this will be a happy year. I hope to address challenges and obstacles with awareness and grace. I will remember to celebrate all the good things with gratitude -and oh there are so many good things! Oh yes the other thing I know for sure? There will be DANCING, DANCING, DANCING! There is nothing like having something taken away from you for nearly 9 months to make you want it even more! I hope you'll dance with me this year!!

Who will you be in 2010? How will you be in 2010?

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  1. Congrats Gina! haven't seen ya'll in a while, sorry I haven't been able to attend classes like what seems to be in a year, my schedule is more packed then the particles in an atom bomb. But I do miss belly dancing sooooo very much!
    And I'm going to be fearless in 2010.



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