Remembering Sali

As of the last few weeks right at this point in the blog you would see the Combo of the Week and it's still coming but right now I'd like to take this space for something else. Please take a moment with me in remembering our sweet friend Sali.

A little over a year ago Sali was found raped and murdered in a deserted cabin in San Jose del Pacifico, Oaxaca. It's tough not to come from an insanely enraged place when speaking of her murder, when thinking of this insensible too early death. The point here, however, is to remember Sali for who she was, what she did and all she's given us and not to give that scumbag of a murderer any more air or net time. It's a good time to honor her life more than her death.

I first met Sali when she signed up for a dance class for the AIR program -- in short a sort of after school program. She was in, out, back and forth from Eugene, Tucson and Mexico. She was a social activist, working for an indigenous rights organization in Mexico, she began spending more and more time there in the last year. I was fortunate enough to see her when she was in Tucson. I'd always get a kick as to how she signed in for class. She used different, funny, obviously made up last names. Although "Sali Rattypants' came up the most frequently. As busy as she was dumpster diving, providing food and water for those in need, organizing fundraisers, she had time to make it to dance class. Oh was she passionate about her dance! She was always excited to learn new technique and steps to take to her students back in Mexico. Sali was passionate about everything she did no matter what.

Whether you knew her or not she stood out, there was something really pure, so authentic about her. She didn't care much for the material trappings we all fall for. The goodness in her radiated. I used to look at her and think -- "Oh, so that's what good and truth looks like."

Sali thank you for the almost 21 years you gave to this world. You will always be in our hearts.
You are missed. You are loved.





  1. Thank you for this Gina.Love Shloka. I remember first looking at the sign-in sheet because I wanted to know what her name was and I wasn't disappointed.

  2. Shloka, do you remember the times she would make it to class just barely on time, she would be out of breath and would just through a bunch of crumpled single dollars at me! She was so funny, she didn't want to miss a single minute of dancing.

  3. Gina, I still miss Sali and think of her often. <3 (Brandye)

  4. @Anonymous
    I know what you mean Brandye. I do too. So often I see girls out on their bikes and for a second I could swear it's her. It's sort of eerie. Yep, I miss her too.


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