Safar Dance Co.

Safar Dance Co. is a group of women I work with as a bellydance company. I'm suppose to be one of the dancers in the group but as you know I'm 19 weeks pregnant and I have to stay put for a while so that idea is out the window.

Although I cannot dance I've continued to work with the girls to the best of my ability. I am eagerly awaiting next year so that I can join them. At least, that's what I'm thinking now. What do I know? I've never had a newborn before. Can't I just put her in my dance bag and bring her with me on gigs? Heaven knows she's already used to Arabic music and finger cymbals!

Anyhow, back to Safar Dance Co., they are a most lovely group of ladies that split their lives between, school/work, family and me, I mean dance. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these women. Girls if you're reading this "Thank you for sharing your dance life with me!"

This past Sunday the lovely ladies of Safar Dance Co. were invited to perform at the Tucson Salsa Social held in the Arizona Ballroom Co. If you missed them, do not fear, I'm sure they will be back again. I've included a collage video of their performance that night in this post. I apologize for the poor video quality, it was taken from my old digital still camera.

Also just to put a bug in your ear, Safar Dance Co. will be participating in the upcoming MECDA Fall Festival on November 14th. What is the MECDA Fall Festival you say? Stay tuned for the next posting, I'll give you more info then.
Til then, Happy Feet!

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