MECDA Festival

Ok so, you know how Star Trek fans have conventions, contests, fan websites, forums, etc? You know how those same Star Trek fans are, well, considered (and I only mean this in a good way) geeky? Well, we bellydancers and bellydance fans are geeky in our own way.

We also have conventions, festivals (--oh the festivals -- it's endless!) competitions, forums, costuming...just to name a few things.
One of the most well known bellydance organizations is called MECDA -- Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association. It has been around since 1977. This non-profit organization's purpose is to promote, educate and inspire the near and middle east music, dance and arts community. MECDA organizes events and has a board with elected officials. It's very serious business don't you know.
MECDA is the mother organization to the various chapters that exist across the country. Arizona's very own MECDA Chapter is called Levant al Sonora and it's headed by performer/instructor Mahin. Perhaps you've even attended some of their events without realizing that you were a part of something much bigger, eh?
One of the events that the Arizona Chapter organizes is the MECDA Fall Festival of Music and Dance. The Festival scheduled for this November celebrates Levant al Sonora's 3rd Anniversary.
This particular festival will have performances, vendors, goodies to pleasure your palate, henna, hookahs, etc.
It's a great opportunity to catch up with other performers, instructors and lovers of bellydance from around the state.

Last year, Safar Dance Co. had the pleasure of participating. They even made it into a glossy magazine shot, check this out (Safar is in the lower half of the page):

This year they will return to the stage to celebrate this art form along with other beautiful Arizona dancers.
As I receive more information on the Festival I will post it. For now please enjoy this little clip of Safar Dance Co. at last year's festival.

More info on MECDA here.
More info on Arizona Chapter of MECDA, Levant al Sonora and the Fall Festival here.


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