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Hi Gang!
I hope you're September is moving along swimmingly. I have another dance combination for you this week.
The cymbal playing is a little more involved so I've included a couple of sample video clips on the rhythm you will be playing. These are only two of the many ways one can play this rhythm.
The rhythm is called "Baladi" also spelled "Beledi", "Balladi" etc. In bellydance we tend to use the word very broadly and throw the word around quite a bit but the word Beledi actually means country in Arabic --but it involves so much more than just that definition. For a more in depth explanation of Beledi read about it on Shira's website (awesome resource by the way!).

Here is clip number one. The pattern being played is: 3 - 1 - 3 - 1 - 3.

Here is clip number two. The pattern being played is: 3 - 5 - 5.

The following is the brief dance combination to be danced in conjunction with the cymbal playing (whenever you're ready of course). Enjoy!

Cymbal pattern: 3 1 3 1 3
2 counts of 8
Grapevine downbeat right in circle around self, ending where you started
Layer hip ups, downbeat right

Cymbal pattern: 3 5 5
2 counts of 8
Position: Facing stage right, arms framing body line, right arm up, left arm framing right hip, knees slightly bent, chest and face rotated slightly to face front

In this section the body moves quite literally with the cymbal count, so:
When you play: 3
the left hip twists front and slightly up
When you play: 5
the left hip twists back and down to starting point
When you play 5:
the left hip and left foot paddle you for one quarter turn,

your body is facing back, but chest and head are facing stage right, repeat move
your body is facing stage left, but chest and head are facing back, repeat move
your body is now facing front, but chest and head are facing stage left, repeat move

Cymbal pattern: 3 1 3 1 3
1 count of 8

facing front, extend both arms to right, they "floreo" in and extend back out
at the same time you step out to the right side: right, together, right together
repeat above steps to left

Done! Let me know how it goes!

For further inspiration take a look at this short video of the great Fifi Abdou. Here she is dancing a short but juicy baladi piece. Notice the much more modest costuming than usual, very typical for baladi dancing.


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