Combo of the Week (3 of 4, Sept)

Ciao, ciao everyone,
Ready for your third combo? If you've been following along you could take your practice a step further and string all the combo's together. That will really get the cymbals and movement going!

This week's combo may be a bit easier for you to follow as we have a visual aid. I've attached a video of the combo. Thank you to the women who volunteered to do it.
You will also find a brief clip of the finger cymbal pattern we worked with this week.

Good luck and as always, if you have video capabilities, send me your interpretation of the combo, I'd love to see it.


COMBO DESCRIPTION: To help with the feeling of this combo; go for a folky vibe, a nice down home beledi, really set yourself free.


1,2 Right knee lift
3,4 Left knee lift
5,6 Right knee lift
7,6 Left knee lift

1-4 Grapevine to left, on 4 end with Right knee lift
5-8 Grapevine to right, on 8 end with Left knee lift

1-4 Coming out of the last step, step with Left foot keep weight on it and, Right foot front, Right foot back (with weight on it), Left foot in place
***While doing the above footwork, twist same side hip to front every time***
5-8 Repeat above sequence but as you take that first step, turn one quarter turn to face stage left.
1-4 Repeat turning one quarter turn to face back
5-8 Repeat turning one quarter turn to face stage right

1,2 Coming out of above step you are to chasse back on Left foot
3,4 Chasse back on Right foot

Pas de bourre downbeat right (count is: 1 and two and)
Pas de bourre downbeat left (count is: 3 and 4 and)
Pas de bourre downbeat right (count is: 5 and 6 and)
Pas de bourre downbeat left (count is: 7 and 8 and)
You can choose to layer ribcage circles over the pas de bourre's

FINGER CYMBAL PATTERN: 3-5-1-3. I play it slowly at first and then speed it up a bit.

You want to see and hear some awesome cymbal playing? Watch this video of Karim Nagi, he is a great dancer and even more amazing drummer and cymbal player. Check out the size of his cymbals -- now, THAT's a man!

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