So Are We Having Classes or What?

Yes Deeadra, you're right. I apologize. It is time to update this dang blog. 

So long story short everything is going well, including the pregnancy. Thank you to everyone for your concern and good wishes. 
Yes the pregnancy has slowed me down. Yes it is a bit frustrating that I can't move around or dance right now. So how do I make up for it? I still talk, watch, drink, eat, sleep dance. So I may as well add to that list: teaching!

I am planning on a modified format. I may not be able to move a whole lot right now, but that doesn't mean you cant!  For new students I will have a smaller Level 1 technique class. Space is very limited.

For those of you that have taken Level 1 session at least twice, the plan is to have smaller classes in a smaller space, combined level experience, combos, transitions, finger cymbals, etc. The smaller size classes will make it so that the sessions become more of a semi-private situation and will include more individual coaching time. I plan on kicking this off Tuesday September 8th. If you haven't recvd. an email regarding this class and you are interested in participating please contact me through: gina@raksgina.com.

Happy Dancing and see you soon!

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