La Dolce Vita Baby

I know, I know, I know. I've fallen waaaaay behind on this blog thing. It's funny how when I'm the busiest the blog seems to reflect the opposite. So let's get caught up. Last entry I was in Italy -- I'm now back in Tucson but wanted to fulfill my promise of a few pics from Italy. Scott and I spent our time on a beautiful island called Ischia. It's about an hour ferry ride away from Napoli. Rather than write about it I decided to show you with photographs what one of our typical days was like while in Ischia.

Most days started with the best cup of coffee in the world! That island in the distance is Capri.

We had a daily breakfast buffet along with fresh pastries or cake every morning...

served out in the dining deck, again overlooking the sea and Capri.

When we had enough to eat to sustain us for our long hard day at the beach we packed up our beach bag...

said goodbye to Benny the house pet dog and headed...

on our merry little way. This was part of our beautiful walk to the beach.

we walked by one of the many beautiful spa thermal water parks. This one alone has 12 different pools with water temperatures varying between 68 degrees to 102 degrees. Something for everyone!

We must be pretty close to the beach they're trying to sell me jewelry already. Where am I Rocky Point?!
In case you're wondering, yes I bought some.

"Spiaggia" italian for beach!

Just a few more steps big guy.

We made it!

As you can imagine that trek took quite a few calories out of us. No fear, the lifeguard offered us tasty, freshly made, fried zucchini dough pastry --everyday! I LOVE ITALY!

After a day of sunning and swimming off we went back home. The dinner bell rang every evening at 7:30pm -- our only appointment of the day.

A four course meal served everyday at 7:30pm. Better wear a stretchy waistband.

A little "bruschetta" to start us off. Pronounced, by the way, "brus-ket-tah" NOT brushetta!

We took a couple of nights off from the full 4 course dinner and wandered out on our own. It wasn't long before we ran into Pizza. Not just any pizza --we're talking the real deal.

Is this a good lookin' pie or what?

Is this a happy man or what? For those of you that know Scott, you can probably tell how ecstatic he is.

So not every minute of our two weeks revolved around food, honest. There was plenty more to see and culture to take in. For example:

One day there was a religious procession in the tiny, narrow path right outside our door. This was in honor of the saint overseeing the municipality called Serrara Fontana.

For the procession the (tiny) streets and doorways were decorated with beautiful floral offerings arranged in the shape of a heart...

another beautiful flower petal arrangement...

and candles.

On another day the Inn owner gave me a tour of his his farmland...

a farm with a view --- awesome.

Here is his own private "cantina".

We had some downtime due to a couple of rainy days but even so...

there was always something to smile about.

We had a great time --even with poor Scott's broken foot. We can't wait to come back to our little Inn in Italy soon.
Grazie Signore Eugenio and famiglia!!


  1. One of the bet little postings summarizing a vacation that I have ever seen. Makes one want to be there.

  2. So beautiful! I don't know how you dragged yourselves back home. :)

  3. Your trip looks spectacular! I will get back to taking classes soon. My kids yoga is beginning to take off! Yah!


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