Fab Dance Party!

Our last summer bellydance bash was a huge hit!
Our guests all arrived in (and with) good spirits, enjoyed delicious food and took in even better dancing!
As many of you may already know typically the bellydance instructor planning the hafla wraps up the show with a dance piece. I didn't do that this time around and because of that my experience was very different. I was literally able to sit back and take it all in. Although I've seen all of the evening's performers dance previously, and frequently as I see them in class, I had just as much fun as the audience ---if not more!

As an audience member I loved the variety, the beauty, the joy, effort they all put forth. As someone who has seen them perform before and sees how diligently they work in class every week I was thrilled to see them in the spotlight. I can honestly say each dancer stepped it up a notch that evening. My jaw was sore I was smiling so big all night. Awesome job girls!
Also thank you to the Luxor and the girls working that night, Cynthia and Celine!

If you want to see a little more of that night in color you can find the pics on our class flickr page and of course eventually a few snippets of video on our class youtube page.

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