When in Rome...and your luggage isnt!

When in Rome and your luggage isn't...what do you do? You just deal with it! What other option do you have, right?
Please forgive me but I'm going to take a bit of space on this dance class blog to keep in touch with you while I'm in Italy. I most likely will not be talking about dance, not much anyway.
First, let me start by painting you the picture, Scott my husband is dealing with a fractured foot but decided to go ahead with the trip to Italy anyway. So Scott is on crutches and I'm carrying the luggage. Fortunately, we've learned to travel light.
It's going to take 3 planes and 16 hours of travel to get to Rome. The first flight is fine, the second flight starts late which of course makes us late for our last connecting flight. I have to tell you, I've never seen someone move so fast on crutches --poor Scott. I ran ahead of him and several other people on our flight that were in the same predicament as ours. We made it! That's when I distinctly heard the ticket agent saying, as we were boarding, "From Chicago? Your luggage is on, it made it on board!"
All is good, we're on our way.
It was a good flight, we made it safely to Rome. "I can't wait to get to our hotel, wash this travel grime (you know the one I'm talking about) off change into fresh clothes and settle in for a nice first Italian meal" I said. Well, that didn't exactly happen. As you can guess from the title of this post --our luggage didn't make it with us. I felt so betrayed by that ticket agent that told us differently!
This is when all my reading of Eckhart Tolle comes in handy. "This moment is what it is because it cannot be any other way" --so deal with it Gina.
The Italian "lost luggage keepers" promised me the luggage would make it on the next day's flight. Guess what? They were right! I came back to the airport the next day and picked up our luggage. Now we were on our way to our final destination, Ischia (more on that later). Couldn't be more thrilled. Well, it would be nice if I didn't have to carry all the luggage but hey you take what you can get.
More updates and some pix from Italy shortly.
Tanti baci dall'Italia!


  1. yikes sorry about the luggage. Is it pretty up there?

    *ruby* hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hope you had a fantastic trip! Excited about class tonight. I rented a video for the time you were gone and borrowed two books from the library (that I have yet to read) on bellydance!
    See you!

  3. Hey Candace, how did the video thing go? Did you get some good ones? I've missed you in class. I hope all is well with you! Keep me posted.


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