What Should I Practice To?

Hi Gals,
First I want to thank you for joining me on this last class session. You all looked great, keep up your hard earned technique and continue to practice!
Thank you to all those who participated or attended our dance class party. If your curious go here for some pics.
We are now taking a break from classes for two weeks and starting back up again on June 16, more info here for classes.
Many of you have asked for ideas for music to practice your bellydancing while we're on break. 
There are so many ways to go, you can purchase CD's on bellydance websites, you can download music on iTunes or Amazon.com, either singles or albums, just to name a few.
Here are some  artist and/or albums that would be good additions or starts to your bellydance library (we will be covering the more classic musical greats in detail in a posting to come).
Here are a couple of albums that have more traditional compositions. Typical bellydance performance music:
Album: Aziza Raks: Passion of Bellydance
Album: Ya Bahaia, Bellydance Music with Sammer Issa

Here are some well loved contemporary artist names:
Najwa Karam
Nancy Ajram
Amr Diab
Wael Kfoury

Have fun with these, look them up on youtube, check them out, listen to the tunes, see what catches your ear. You are more likely to have a better practice session if you like/love the music.
Keep dancing!

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