Tamiil - Level 2 Choreography

Hi Level 2 Class! 

We are working on a beautiful song titled "Tamiil" by Mario Kirlis. It's from one of his older albums (2004). If you haven't discovered Mario Kirlis yet you are in for a treat. He's the perfect musician for bellydancers. He works closely with the popular Saiida. Born to Syrian parents, raised in Argentina she has traveled the world performing and teaching her beautiful balletic brand of bellydance. Saiida did a short stint with the "Bellydance Superstars" you can find her on the "Bellydance Superstars Introduction to Bellydance" DVD.

Here is a clip of  of Mario Kirlis' band and Saida doing their thing.



We are working on our very own dance to Tamil. Here I will list the notes and eventually I will post a demo video. Here is part  one . I hope this helps you learn it, remember it, etc.

REMEMBER: these only make sense if you're going through the class and have done the choreography.  These are just the broad strokes.

Intro is yours -- you decide how to start it. Prepare for the dramatic kickoff after the taxim part of it.

Walk back with music 4 steps back, chin up, arms up -- present yourself accent on 4

Three step turn to your left, again present on 4

Reach Right arm up and lean Right

Lean and reach Left, Turn left

Lean Right, Left, Right

Turn Right, Angled right bring arms down to shoulder level

Travel left, grapevine, with shimmy, 1-6

On 7, 8 turn Left

Step R, L, R, Left hip back to front 

Step L, R, L, Right hip back to front

Repeat the above two lines

End facing back

Turn upper body Right to see front, undulate up to down

Turn upper body Left to see front, undulate up to down

Turn upper body Right to see front, undulate up to down

Turn right to face front while Shoulder shimmying

Facing Right, Left leg lifts/kicks, keep a soft knee (it's between a battement and developpe)

Turn to face Left as you bring leg and arms down

Repeat on opposite leg, end facing front

Lower body level, prepare to accent head/hair up with music

Drop hips with accent

Chest lock accent

Undulate up to down on you body level up

We slow down and accent our hips to the base drum the " DUM's"

more to come....

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