so many of you. The biggest goes to Ms. Brenda Demic for opening her home and her heart to us. Of course her partner in crime, Ms. Ingrid Aspromatis isn't far behind. Both these ladies cooked up a storm and made sure we were all as comfortable as can be. Big hugs to you both. THANK YOU!

A recital hafla is the perfect venue for dancers of of all levels to come together and present the fruits of their labor out on the stage. Everyone came through beautifully. We had a bit of everything. 

Rebecca started us off with her energetic happy dancing. With finger cymbals no less!

Duet fun with Donna and Debbie took us into a tribal fusion piece.

Six sassy dancers delighted us with their group performance of "Da Dou De". These girls worked together for weeks and delivered a great show!

The group consisted of Deeadra, Samar, Heather, Larisa, Emily, Shannara. Great job girls!

Annette in her whispery soft blue costume kicked off the second set with another song about kissing!  Dancing to Tarkan's "Kiss Kiss".

Other performers that made the recital possible...

Ms. Ingrid got saucy with Prince's rendition of "Kiss". Fusion bellydance  is alive!

Beautiful as ever Stacy entertained us with her sword dance and topped it off with a sensual performance to "Nostalgie". Stacey you rock!

Toward the end of the show  Allison and Jenny turned it up with a double veil duet routine. Amazing work girls!

Our guest dancer was the ever energetic Ramona, she did not disappoint -- and entertained us with her lovely can dance.

I was lucky to share the stage with such beautiful women. I ended the show with a little piece of my own. 

As you can see I didn't post all the pictures here. You will find more on our dance class photo album click here. Also, some footage will be posted on our class youtube account very soon, go here for that.

Thank you again -- if you have photos of the hafla that you would like to add to our collection please let me know I would be happy to add them.

Keep dancing. Hope to see you all at the next one! 

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