Dance Party Tomorrow!

Hi all,
Yep, our little dance party is still on. It's just a gathering of bellydance lovers getting together to turn up the music dance, eat and drink for a couple of hours -- you joining us?

There will be a few performances and plenty of time to just dance and hang out with your fellow dance mates. So bring some snacks to share and and grab your hip scarf come shimmy with us.
Oh and I almost forgot, I'm dancing tonight at the Luxor Cafe, my showtimes are at 7:30 and 9:30 -- see you there!

Here are the Saturday dance party details:
Saturday, May 23rd
The Historic Y(738 N 5th Ave) -- 2nd floor lobby space -- I know sounds weird but it works.
Time: 5:00pm -7:30ish

If you have a favorite bellydance song you want to hear bring your ipod/mp3 player, etc.

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