Dance Party --Are you coming?

Hi y'all!

We've scheduled a very casual dance party/gathering for Saturday, May 23rd (location to be announced- most likely one of the studios) --you coming?

We are saving our next "big" Hafla for later in the summer and for now we are having a smaller dance party just for us! All the Level 1 and 2 classes are invited and welcome to perform. Please let me know if you are interested in performing as I'm preparing the line up for the evening. 
Again it's very casual, bring some snacks or drinks to share, we'll enjoy some performing, we'll have open dance floor time ---and there'll be great company!

We are attempting to wrap up another Group Performance - Level 1 Choreo. If you are interested in participating please let me know. Here are the scheduled times for practice:

Thursday, May 14th 6:00pm -- my place, call me for address, 370-9927
Saturday, May 16h 12:00 - place to be determined

Our last week of classes is the week of May 25th. We will take a 3 week break and begin our next session the week of June 22, 2009.  



  1. how much is the extra practice?

  2. Is the Saturday Hafla still happening? What time?

  3. Hi,
    Yes, our gathering is still on. Tomorrow, 5:00pm at The Historic Y building (738 N. Fifth Ave)the second floor lobby.

    See you there!


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