Aam Bimzah Maak - Level 1 Choreo

We started our current class session the week of April 20th. I chose a Najwa Karam song for our choreography (more on info on Najwa to come shortly).

The song is "Aam Bimzah Maak" and it can be found on the album by the same name. You can download the single for $.99 on amazon.com.

I will now show the notes here for our choreography to date. Please come back in the following weeks for the rest of it. 


Traveling forward, chasse Right, chasse Left.

1/4 turn left, Left arm up, Right arm out, alternating hip "ups" downbeat right, 1-8

Repeat (this 1/4 turn has you facing back)

Repeat but this time stop the hips on count 5, on same count turn face to front, Left hand comes down onto left hip

Pelvic lock front, 2x

Turn Right, passing through back and ending facing left

Shoulder shimmy

Pelvic lock front, 2x

Turn Left, passing through back and ending facing FRONT

Clock Arms: both arms extended slowly swing Left, up overhead, Right arm locks in place (UP), Left arm continues circle until it ends up out (Left). 

Twis Left hip front, while traveling on left foot 1-4

5-8 continue Left hip twist front but turn around self, to Left.

1-4 Repeat on Right side, (travel right, turn around self --right side)


  1. Thanks Gina! This is great. I just read it and can picture it in my mind and count the beats.

  2. Hi Ladies!
    I accidentally picked up a pair of Safari sunglasses after class last night--I will bring them to the Thursday night rehearsal class, hopefully the Saturday class, and definitely the regular Monday night class. Hopefully the two of you can reconnect one of those times.

  3. Would you please post part 2 of this choreography? I'm having a really hard time remembering what comes after this section.



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