Thanks for keeping the faith!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to thank you for an awesome first week of classes. You did beautifully and it's only going to get better. If you purchased the 6 week class session you already have some of the music we will be using for choreography or combos. Here I will list the actual song titles and artists. These are all available on http://amazon.com. Go to the MP3 download section and enter song title.
For class Level 1 the music is:
1)Song: Babylon, Artist: Dolphina
2)Song: Bellydancenotica, Artist: Dolphina
3)Song: Hubble Bubble, Artist: Mohammad Al Hasan Abo Abid
4)Song: Da Dou De, Artist: Emad Sayyah

For class Level 2 the music is:
1)Song: Nostalgie, Artist: Bodyshock
2)Song: Mismar Del Mar, Artist: Ahmed Qawala
3)Song: Maksum, Artist: Bodyshock
4)Song: Kasbah 3am, Artist: Mohammad Al Hasan Abo Abid
5)Song: Touboul Majnouni, Artist: Emad Sayyah

No excuse to not practice this time!! Get going, --chin up, chest lifted, pelvis tucked, shoulders back, soft knees, squeeze those glutes! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...... See you next week!


P.S. In the column on the right, please notice the schedule of upcoming bellydance events in Tucson/Phoenix.


  1. miss gina this is ruby one of your new arrivals for today, i was going to ask you a few questions but i got too shy since i didn't come to last class and i arrived late so i felt like a fish out of water. will i get a cd and jurnal too? is next class going to focus on turns becuase i'm having truble with those. other than that i really enjoyed your class and every one seemed really nice. :)

  2. Hi Ruby, I'm so glad that you decided to come to class.
    But I am sorry we didn't get a chance to talk. Please feel free to give me a call or write to my email so we can get some answers to your questions. Thanks for letting me know about the turns, we will definitely work on those next week.
    I will see you next week! Keep practicing!


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