Live Drumming in Class This Week! (Lev. 1)

Hey guys, I hope you can all make it to class this week. We are lucky enough to have live drummers play for our drill session, possibly the rest of class as well. 
Our guest drummers are Aaron Cromer of Tucson and Virginia from Patagonia.
It's a whole different feeling when you dance to live music. 
Absolutely exhilarating, don't miss it!
See you there.



  1. Gina!

    I was great to dance to live music! Thank you so much for going over the moves with us after class on Tuesday. See you next week!

    Deeadra :)

  2. Gina, I see that you have different workshops listed for the month of April. How advanced do I need to be in my dance to be able to attend one of these? Is there a certain skill level that I need to be at to be able to attend.

    Deeadra :)


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