First Class Today

Hello Bellydance Class!

Today March 10th is our first class day. Are you as excited about it as I am? We're resuming class after about a three month break. So let's see how it goes!
A couple of things Level 1 class attendees should know about:

My friend Rosalinda retails bellydance and sexy apparel, she will be bringing in a sample collection of her products. You can buy what she has on hand or place an order. Cash of course will guarantee the fastest order process. Please allow up to two weeks for order -- however, she will do her best to deliver by next Tuesday (at next class).

If you buy the 6 week class session package you will get the music used in class. A song each from warm up, drills and choreography. You will also receive a sweet little notebook to jot down your notes on technique and/or choreography.

Here is a recap of the class schedule:
March 10 -- April 22
Level 1 --Tuesdays 6:15pm
Level 2 --Wednesdays 7:15pm

Classes held at The Historic Y, 300 E. University

$60 - 6 week class session
$13 - Single class

Check or cash acceptable. No refunds.

I look forward to dancing with you tonight!
Be well,


  1. Hi Gina, I appreciate so much that you allowed me to come and bring my belly dance apparel- I placed a small order of zills so I should have it by next class period along with the other order.


  2. Thanks Gina for a great first class and the blog. It will be great to know of bellydance events happening in town.
    See you soon,

  3. Gina I'm fifteen and I have been wanting to join bellydance since elm. well I was wondering if you have an age limit to your class or is any age allowed? And i was thinking of joining your next class on tuesday is there anything else required other than comfy cloths and water besides the fee.

  4. Hello (anonymous), No there are no other requirements to take the class. We do not have an age min. or limit. If you're under 18 you have to have your guardian's consent --simply a signature on a form that we give you at class.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope to see you in class tomorrow.
    My email: gina@raksgina.com

    Be well,


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