Welcome to your new bellydance blog!

Hello and welcome to your bellydance class blog.

As I was gearing up for our upcoming dance class session I realized that I needed to come up with a better system to communicate with students and others interested in bellydance and bellydance events.

Those of you who've come to my class know that I always promise to "email it to you", whatever "it" may be but it doesn't always get done does it? Sorry. Well, I thought that perhaps through this blog we could stay more connected. Yes I periodically send out a newsletter, however, this blog will focus on bellydance questions and thoughts.
I will use this space to share photos, videos, technique explanations, demonstrations, class news, and general bellydance news and events. The best part is not only do I get to hear your comments and opinions but so do your dance classmates -- because if you're thinking it, it's likely that other dancers are thinking it too. So please make yourself at home and help enrich your bellydance community -- comment away!

I thought I'd tempt you even more with some photos of some lovely dancers from our '08 Winter Hafla. The next class hafla by the way is coming up in mid-April-- get your shimmy ready. Click here to see the Hafla photo album. Enjoy!



  1. Dear Gina and Class,
    This is the second blog I have written because I can't figure out how to use this stupid blog, but here goes again...
    Gina, thank you for your passionate commitment to being an excellent and kind teacher. I was so scared about going to the class that I considered just signing up and leaving, but then I heard you talking to a woman and assuring her that it was okay to be nervous, and to just try things out, that it would be fine. And it was! Physically difficult, but that is good...I am paying you to challenge my body and heart, and so I am fine with my aching thighs this morning because I am inspired to do this thing. I liked the little packages with the dancing journal. I like the way you integrate dancing with stretching and strengthening movements.
    Ladies in the class--thank you for laughing with me and being so friendly and nice. I am shy much of the time and I couldn't stay in a class in which people were distant and humorless.
    Looking forward to future classes!

  2. "Anomynous" is Lynne...I didn't know how to select a profile.

  3. Hi Lynne! I'm still learning how to use the darn blog too. I just realized that I hadn't published a blog entry that I meant to publish yesterday! Yikes.
    It warms my heart to hear that you enjoyed the class yesterday! There will be sore thighs, feet, glutes, abs... you get the picture. Sometimes, however, the biggest challenge isn't a physical one, it's our emotions and fears. Bellydancing class has a way of peeling away at layers and exposing us in a different, beautiful light. It's up to us to trust ourselves and allow it.
    I'm really looking forward to my six weeks of class with you and the rest of the group. I can see this is going to be a fun group!
    Oh and yes, use that dance journal, it will be helpful to keep notes.
    Ok girl keep squeezing those glutes.
    See you next week!


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